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OV Technology Services Pvt Ltd. is one of the authorized RKCL service providers in Rajasthan. Our service providing team will aid services for our consumers like provide an RKCL center at their required place where they wish to open. We’re pride ourself to say that we’re in association with RKCL company.

Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL) is a public limited company which is established in Rajasthan as a joint endeavor of Government of Rajasthan, MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited) Pune, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, and center of e-governance.

Our Partners

It was merged on 25th April 2008 under the companies act. However, the main objective of the company is to develop a new educational framework that can plan, enforce, supervise and regulate the improving needs for IT skills in the 21st century in the Rajasthan state by promoting the IT-enabled education programs and are practiced in the departments like school, technical, higher, medical education by the Government of Rajasthan.

In order to take such action, the company considered it as a necessary one to provide high-quality education which includes better connectivity, good computer skills, and coordination amidst all educational institutions, universities, governments and the students. As well, it obtains sponsorships and financial support for the present and future programs on behalf of the state government acceptance.

- RKCL center Process

  • Initially, RKCL and other LSP companies which are operating RKCL services will publish RSCIT new center registration advertisement in both online and newspaper.
  • We will vistas all the information like open areas, date, time, etc. which is promulgated on the RKCL new center registration websites.
  • After that RKCL applicant organization will present registration form and Demand draft to the PSA identifier
  • Applicant Organization will apply or reapply EOI and select or reselect PSA
  • Now Applicant Organization will nominate faculty for examination ( only 2 faculties will be nominated)
  • PSA will check whether the applicant organization has applied from the open area or not.
  • If PSA verified and approved your recommendation, it will direct the Applicant organization to enter the Demand Draft details which is previously submitted to PSA on the online link
  • Then PSA will submit the provisional application form and demand draft to the RKCL company
  • Here, RKCL will verify and confirm the Demand draft payment directly
  • Only RLC confirmed Applicant organization will be available in DLC login for proceeding
  • However, the list of Applicant organization will be put on websites for improving ITGK objections based on a few criteria
  • DLC will check whether Applicant organization has applied from the open area or not and as well check other selection criteria and give final remarks
  • RKCL based on eligibility criteria will release Provisionally eligible Applicant organization list
  • However, eligibility status will be made available in Applicant organization login
  • Only provisionally eligible Applicant organization’s faculty will be eligible for this examination
  • Later the exams will be conducted by RKCL at DLC.

- RKCL approval

  • The Provisionally eligible Applicant organizations will prepare set up at the mentioned location and upload their center details online on SOLAR
  • Provisionally eligible Applicant organizations will inform DLC and PSA to visit the center
  • DLC and PSA will visit the proposed premises and verify all the infrastructure as per the RKCL norms
  • DLC will approve and furnish the various recommendations on SOLAR
  • Now, RKCL will cross check about applicant organization and provide approval under RM login
  • Once, RKCL approved your application, RKCL will publish the final list of ITGK on its website
  • If your application is rejected, RKCL will refund your fee through DD or NEFT

- Our vision with RKCL

  • To create an Information Technology environment
  • To create creative staffing for IT
  • To create IT-enabled services

- Our goal with RKCL

  • To work for e-emancipation via digital literacy
  • Moving people up the value chain by connecting the digital divide and resultant knowledge divide

- Our goals

  • Digital Education
  • E-learning
  • E-service
  • E-governance
  • E-empowerment

- Our focus

RKCL initiated its business operations in January 2009 over the integral state of Rajasthan, the massive state in India which measure about 342269 square kilometers with 68 million exceeding the population

In short span we - OV technology with RKCL is emerging as a high-tech and high touch initiatives. We focus on design and development and delivery of technologies like e-learning, e-governance, re-empowerment, innovative technologies, services and solutions to its ever-growing base of millions of consumers in schools, governments, universities, and communities.

- OV Technology - RSCIT company

RSCIT is an Information Technology literacy course started by RKCL in 2009. We’ve partnered with RKCL to provide the service to our consumers. Here, we’ve listed some of the courses offered by the RKCL for your knowledge

- The RSCIT course comprises of

  • Reading and gaining knowledge of the highly illustrated book
  • E-learning based self-learning services
  • E-learning revolution for all
  • Provide hands-on practice session
  • Provide learning facilitation by certified professionals
  • Academic interactions, collaborations, assessments

- Eligibility

  • Should have a desire to learn Information Technology
  • Should preferably be a 10th passed student

- Admission process

  • One should go the RKCL authorized learning center
  • Should fill in an application form available at the RKCL authorized learning center along with the prescribed certification and fees.
  • The fees can be paid in three modes. To pay the fees amount, view the detailed fee structure
  • Relevant documents should be carried at the time of admission like Xerox copy of ID proof and one copy of the passport size photograph either in color or black and white
  • Once you’ve submitted the details, the relevant documents, and fees the RKCL center coordinator will fill the details of the learner in the RKCL software and upload the details of the learner. Further, the ITGK coordinator will provide you with the payment receipt.
  • Later, the learner is expected to check the online details which are filled in by the ITGK
  • The coordinator of ITGK will hand over the RSCIT study materials whose price is already included in the fees.
  • However, the books will be provided as per the medium is chosen by the learner
  • After receiving the study material, the learner is eligible to start learning instantly via ERA using the User ID and Password.

Are you looking to open RKCL center in your area? We - the OV technology is looking forth to partner with you to provide services for your business.

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